Why Do Men Who Know They Love Their Wives Cheat: (Find Out Here)

Will He Cheat?

What possible motive could there be for a man who really loves his wife to cheat on her? There are several reasons why, but you might be surprised to find out what a recent survey has shown!

Oftentimes cheating begins with a bit of flirting at work. It’s a fact that most men and women who cheat do so with someone they know from work.

Cheating can occur whenever partners quit loving each other at home. Let him think that you are taking him for granted, and he will find another–fast.

You’re right! This is no excuse, but it is one he will use if given the opportunity.

Never allow love to grow dim! It is essential that you always build his ego. Make him know he is the Super Hero of your life.

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Do You Really Want Her Back: Is It Time to Make Up (Facts About)

Win Her Back

So often you lose someone whom you love, and you can’t wait to get her back. I have seen this phenomenon occur so many times in my career.

He finally gets back with her, and then he realizes that she isn’t the person he imagined her to be. His dreams about and desires for her were better than the real thing.

What do you do when this happens? The options aren’t many  However, what if you really do want her back?

So let’s look at both sides: 1 You want her back; 2 You’re not sure that you really do want her back but are willing to give the relationship a try.

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Forget Changing Your Partner–An Exercise in Futility

No Change

If there is one thing I have learned as a relationship coach it is this, “Forget trying to change your partner.” Getting him to change is an exercise in futility.

When you get married, you have the best intentions, “I realize he does these things that I don’t like, but I know I can persuade him to change.”

No, I’m not talking about leaving one partner for another. Not that kind of change. In our society, you can change partners in that context anytime you want.

However, I’m talking about getting your partner to change himself, his habits, his personality. If you know there are traits about him you don’t like before marriage, know that you can’t change them after you are married.

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At Your Worst Dysfunctional Moment in An Endless Relationship

Had you ever considered what your worst dysfunctional moment in your Endless Relationship looked like? It seems that all relationships have dysfunctional moments.

It’s even possible that some of these moments keep repeating themselves. Some of these dysfunctional moments seem to last throughout an entire relationship.

Therefore, endless relationships have fewer and less violent dysfunctional moments than other relationships.

It becomes so easy to get out of your head for a moment, doesn’t it. What if your worst dysfunctional moment was captured, live in a video. Would you want anyone to see it?

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Stop Picking at Each Other: Life Is Too Short for Small Skirmishes

Are you knit picking your relationship into nothingness? Is your partner going to leave because of your constant picking.

If this describes your relationship, most likely yours will not become an endless relationship.

Yes, there will be moments when one or the other will talk–maybe fuss a little–about some specific thing that you do. This behavior seems to go with any relationship.

Even friends have a come-to-Jesus meeting occasionally. These fact finding missions seem to be a necessary part of any relationship.

However, you simply cannot continue to try to change your partner by picking at your partner constantly.

My eBook: Rebuilding Relationships could help. You can get it ==>click here.

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Does Stress Affect Your Relationship: Storms Are a Certainty


Does Stress affect your relationship with your girlfriend, wife or partner? One sure thing you can count on, a certainty in a relationship: storms of life will strike.

There seems to be three conditions for life storms:

  1. you’re in one
  2. you’ve just came out of one
  3. you’re going into one

Life storms cause stress, and stress can break or destroy or solidify a relationship. Really, it is how the two of you handle the storms that affect your relationship.

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How to Go from Dating to An Endless Relationship

When you first begin dating, the excitement builds each time you see her. You try to keep your demeanor even and noncommittal, but you keep thinking, “I want this relationship to become an endless one.

With every date, your confidence grows. You want to hang on to her, spend every minute with her and begin to visualize a lifetime together with this beautiful creature.

So you begin to ask your self, “How do I get from only dating to an endless relationship with this woman whom I love dearly?”

To answer your questions from above, let’s explore a few ways to go from dating to being together always.

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