Does Stress Affectt Your Relationship: Storms Are a Certaintity


Does Stress affect your relationship with your girlfriend, wife or partner? One sure thing you can count on, a certainty in a relationship: storms of life will strike.

There seems to be three conditions for life storms:

  1. you’re in one
  2. you’ve just came out of one
  3. you’re going into one

Life storms cause stress, and stress can break or destroy or solidify a relationship. Really, it is how the two of you handle the storms that affect your relationship.

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How to Go from Dating to An Endless Relationship

When you first begin dating, the excitement builds each time you see her. You try to keep your demeanor even and noncommittal, but you keep thinking, “I want this relationship to become an endless one.

With every date, your confidence grows. You want to hang on to her, spend every minute with her and begin to visualize a lifetime together with this beautiful creature.

So you begin to ask your self, “How do I get from only dating to an endless relationship with this woman whom I love dearly?”

To answer your questions from above, let’s explore a few ways to go from dating to being together always.

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Men Who Try to Rescue Women Need Rescuing Themselves

Healthy Relationship

Her boyfriend just dropped her, and she was in love with him. Can you rescue her from the depressed state she now finds herself?

Some men spend their lives searching for women whom the man feels needs rescuing. “She’s been dropped, she’s in a terrible state, but I can fix her” is his standard operating procedure.

A few questions to consider:

  • why do men choose women who have been lost in a relationship?
  • why do men spend their time helping women in a failed relationship or marriage?
  • how do men find women who are down because of a failed relationship?

Honestly, I believe these men look at the personals in their local newspaper to locate women who are recently divorced. They hang out at singles bars and watch for the poor lady sitting by herself moping.
What makes these men do what they do? These are several questions that we will look at in this post.

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Is Your Partner a Second Class Citizen in Your Relationship–Part 2

In my last post about your partner being a second class citizen in your relationship, there were a few things I didn’t have opportunity to cover. That is why I have decided to write a part 2.

Really, it isn’t only the man who treats his wife/girlfriend as second class. Women are guilty of this as well. Although I write primarily to men because we are the ones most guilty, ladies, you could consider the advice given here, too.

How do you treat your partner as second class?

  • ignore
  • partially listen
  • small-time affection
  • too busy
  • argue often
  • think only of your status and life predicament

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Is Your Partner a Second Class Citizen in Your Relationship


What Is Home Like

By considering how your home functions, you will know if your partner is a first or second class citizen. In order to maintain an endless relationship you want to be sure to treat your partner as a first class citizen in your home.

That’s what this post discusses. You begin to treat her like a queen, and she will respect you as her king.

One way to be sure she is your queen comes from making her a first class citizen in your home. She’ll love you forever for treating her this way.

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5 Ways to Ruin a Relationship:Are You Practicing Any of These

Some men and women seem bent on ruining a good relationship. In this article let’s see if you are practicing these five ways that can ruin a great relationship.

I’ve watched relationships all my life. I never could understand why some men and women act as if they aren’t even in a relationship. These individuals seem to try to ruin a perfectly good relationship.

From the beginning their relationship stands on less than solid ground. Neither partner commits to forming an endless relationship.

The relationship seemed doomed from the outset. Relationships require commitment from both parties if it is to succeed.

Let’s look at some things these non committed partners do so you can avoid ruining your relationship as they end up doing.

1. Jealousy


Jealousy, a seed that when planted in your relationship, will lead to separation. A potentially great relationship can soon be destroyed by one partner’s jealousy.

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10 Tips and Advice to Help Keep an Endless Relationship Alive and Well

Endless Relationship

Following are some advice and tips to help you keep your relationship alive and well. Endless relationships don’t just happen. They are made.

The following ideas can help you keep your relationship alive.

1 Never stop courting and dating

It is so easy to get caught up in careers, life and parenting that you forget your partner. Remember, she still likes dating and being courted.

Don’t allow the noise of life to distract you from loving and paying particular attention to her!

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